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The IDEXX SNAP tests are available at either:

SNAP tests - Superior detection of antibiotics in milk

Dont let your milk go to waste! Run a SNAP 6min residue test 


SNAP antibiotic residue tests are the ideal antidote to that 'oh dear' moment offering dairy farmers the ability to test milk on farm in just 6 minutes providing peace of mind that milk is residue free. 

Test individual cows before re-entering them into the milking herd or test vats if it is believed a cow may have been mistakenly milked. 

When to use SNAP antibiotic residue tests:

  • To confirm adequate withholding times

  • Unintentional misdosing

  • Milking from a treated udder 

  • Testing newly purchased lactating cows 

  • To confirm adequate sanitation of milking machines (between milkings)

Features of the SNAP tests:

  • Robust and easy to use on farm

  • Already used by major processors to test tankers

  • No heating or equipment required

  • Results in 6 minutes